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So many files...
Not enough printers!

With over 130 models and counting, the Maple 3D Printing catalogue is filled with a wide range of Pokemon themed stl files for you to print!

When you first sign up you will have access to the stocked Welcome Package that contains a wide range of models that have been released over the course of the Patreon. The Welcome Package contains over 40 models including Ornamental and Basic versions of Pokemon, Wall Mounted Pokemon, Articulating models, and more.


Once you have been subscribed for 3 consecutive months, you will unlock the Archive that holds every other file that has been released!


Sculpted with the printer in mind.

FDM Friendly

I do my best to sculpt with FDM printers in mind to ensure supports are at a minimum.

Articulating Models

Wiggly and jiggly models of some of the most popular Pokemon!

Community Support

Join our Facebook or Discord groups to be with other Poke Printers that will be there when you need a hand.

Welcome Package

As mentioned above, upon signup you will have access to the comprehensive Welcome Package. The gallery below shows off the models that are included, the Basic version of the Pokemon models will be in the same pose as the Ornamental.

The Archive

Once you have been subscribed for 3 consecutive months you will unlock the Archive of models containing everything since the very beginning of the Patreon! There are so many models that have been released it would be impossible to show them all so have a look through the Community Gallery and see what has been made with the previous files!

Loyalty Packages

For those that would like to stick around and be a part of the Patreon for longer, I have set up Loyalty Packages that unlock and 6 and 9 month's and have plans for a 12 month package as well.

6 Month Package.png

The 6 month package includes:
Champion Dragonite
Kanto Gym Badges
Key Chains and Holders
Wall Mounted Magnemite and Magneton 

9 Month Package.png

The 9 month package includes:

Articulated Giratina

Pikachu Libre (Flying Kick & Standing)
Shadow Mewtwo Statue
Gengar VMax

So click on the button and head over to Patreon and join now to get started!
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